Weather Woman (1996)

Genre: Delirious Saucy Japanese Comedy

Weather Woman is a piece of delirious Japanese entertainment that only the Japanese could do. Based on a Manga cartoon, Weather Woman opens with Keiko Nakadai (Kei Mizutani) standing on the roof of a tower block showing off her panties. On a roof just below is fellow student Yamagishi (Takashi Sumida), who has a crush on the pretty Keiko. She tells him to follow her and she jumps off the roof (this a live action Manga so no one gets hurt), but Yamagishi is too afraid to jump.

We move ahead in time and Keiko is a secretary for a TV station. When she’s not working, she can be found in the restroom masturbating. Actually, she seems to spend a lot of her time masturbating.

One day the TV station’s weather girl is sick, so Keiko steps in to present it. When she concludes the weather report, she flashes her panties. The bosses of the TV station are furious, but the public love it and Keiko becomes are star and the station ratings are boosted. With her new found stardom comes arrogance and she demands her own penthouse suite with the corridor leading to it lined with men only dressed in tight underpants. Instead of walking Keiko somersaults like a gymnast down the corridor and also into the bosses of the TV station's boardroom.

Meanwhile, the original weather girl, Kaori Shimamori (Yasuyo Shirashima), has now lost her job to Keiko, who continues to flash her panties on air and looks to how she can get her job back. In the meantime she has been assigned as a roving reporter and has to report on an enema fetishist with unexpected results. Help is at hand because the station’s top female announcer returns from Paris and vows to get rid of Keiko. Her name is Michiko Kawai (Saori Taira) and she is the daughter of one of the station’s bosses. She hatches a plan to publicly discredit Keiko. The plan is to send in Kaori as Keiko’s topless maid and secretly film Keiko making Kaori lick the bath soup suds off her naked body.

In the meantime, Keiko’s ex-student admirer sees her on TV and is desperately trying to meet her again.

The film culminates in a Manga style battle between Keiko and Michiko where they both use their special powers to harness the weather to do battle with each other.

This film is so crazy, it’s worth watching. There is quite a lot of skin on display and Saori Taira’s claim to fame is that she is one of the first models to insure her breasts for $1 million.

This was directed by Tomoaki Hosoyama, who likes to refer to himself as the Japanese John Waters. There was a follow-up movie made the same year called Weather Woman Returns (1996), but this one wasn’t helmed by Tomoaki and I’ve yet to see it. In the meantime, if you want to see something completely over-the-top, don’t look any further than Weather Woman.

As a side note, I watched a compilation of Japanese TV clips from the 1990’s on the excellent Japanarama! Psycho TV From Japan: Volume 2 (nothing to do with the Jonathan Ross TV program of the same name) which had a pretty girl in a metallic bunny outfit who regularly goes out in public places to present the weather report. When she’s finished the report she pops open pieces of her costume to reveal her naked body to the titillation of confused bystanders… only in Japan!


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