Teenage Twins (1976)

Genre: 70's Porn

During the Golden Age of Porn in the 1970’s a few films really pushed the mark with what is taboo, notably Water Power (1977), which was based on the true crime story of the Enema Bandit, and Long Jeanne Silver (1977) featuring Long Jeanne Silver, who was a famous amputee who could use the stump of her leg to give pleasure to other women. Another film which broke the taboos was Teenage Twins, and as the title suggests, starred two female twins.
Mum and her two twin daughters
Both these girls look quite straight and conservative, and could easily be imagined running a bring-and-buy stall at a local church fete, but don’t be deceived because these girls know no bounds when it comes to sex - especially when it’s full-blown lesbianism between the two of them.

Prudence (Taylor Young) and Hope (Brooke Young) are connected by a mysterious link. This is the mysterious link that real-life twins are supposed to have and even when far apart they can sense what is happening to the other. With this being a porno, they experience each other's desires and pleasures.
Professor Robert Petrie discusses the Necromonicon with mum.

The film opens with the stuck-up Prudence having breakfast with her mum (Claire Wakefield) and stepfather Gerald (Leo Lovemore). Gerald tells everyone at the table that he has to go away for a couple of days to Boston because a very rare book on black magic called the Necromonicon has just been discovered, but before he leaves the uptight Prudence has an argument with him and storms off to her bedroom.

In her room, she can sense that her twin sister is making love and so masturbates herself by rubbing the spine of a Bible up and down against her bare crotch. It’s not long before her sister Hope returns home and climbs naked into the double bed they both share together. Cue some pump and grind lesbianism. One thing I can say is these two girls aren’t shy.
Hope is about to get it on with her stepfather

Next we see the mother with a male friend in the living room. He is Professor Robert Petrie (Eric Edwards) and this scene is so ridiculous. I laughed as I imagined how the director must have told the actors what to do:

“Now, Claire, I would like you to sit on the sofa semi-naked and Eric, I want you to stand next to her facing the camera and tell her how the Necromonicon is one of the greatest books on black magic ever written, and say how the Necromicon isn’t about magic - it is magic. Can you say that every single first-hand report on that book indicates that the spells it teaches really work. Then, Claire, honey, I want you to get out Eric’s dick and give him a blowjob.”

Suddenly Hope walks in and catches the two in action. She demands that Professor Petrie must make love to her while her mother watches. With a demand like that from a daughter, you would think Professor Petrie and the mother would be rather concerned… not likely! Professor Petrie is out of his clothes quicker than a blink of an eye and is having sex with the naked Hope who rests her head upon her mother’s lap while her mother seems to enjoy caressing her.
After a threesome they discuss black magic

Most of the remaining time in this 67 minute movie is taken up with various sexual situations including the twins pretending to be each other with Prudence pretending to be Hope and being given some cunninglingus by Hope’s boyfriend, and Hope pretending to be Prudence as she seduces her stepfather – demanding at one point to not be fucked in the cunt, but in her arse.

Later, the stepfather and Professor Petrie have a quick threesome with Prudence. When they've finished, the stepfather, with the book now in his possession, tells Professor Petrie that he has no problem with him having an affair with his wife and blames it on the hidden powers of the Necromonican. He also blames the threesome they’ve just had on the book, too.

Next he suggests they do a black magic ritual so as to break the link between the two sisters. The other two agree, but first they must find another three people to take part because the ritual can only be performed with six people. That’s no problem because they ask for help from the mother, Hope and her boyfriend.
The final scene

The final scene involves five of them naked, sitting around a black magic pentacle on the living room floor while Prudence lies in the middle. Then each of the men takes it in turn to have sex with her. I love 70’s porn with black magic rituals! I’m not going to say much more about this final scene except that the very end is a real corker and had me laughing.

This film is a hoot and the dialog rates about 9 out of 10 on the ‘stupidity scale’ and it is delivered with such deadpan seriousness between all the scenes of wanton sex.

All the sex scenes are accompanied by some great funky disco music, which is really catchy and begins as soon as the actors finish discussing black magic and begin getting into the hot stuff. Amazingly, a soundtrack album has since been released.

Directed by Carter Stevens, who churned out these movies as well as performing in others throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. One question that’s left begging to be answered, whatever happened to Brooke and Taylor Young?

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