Invasion of the Love Drones (1977)

Genre: Science Fiction 70's Porn

I love hardcore porn from the 70’s because it can sometimes be so weird and much of it actually has a plot. Also in those days you couldn’t watch it on video or DVD in the privacy of your own home, you had to go to a cinema. Often these movies would be based around a theme, such as devil worshippers, Nazis, a deviant on the loose, or science fiction as in the case with Invasion of the Love Drones.

 The film opens with the New York skyline with the Twin Towers in the distance. George (Eric Edwards) is asleep in bed with his girlfriend. He awakens and goes to the bathroom. Meanwhile a phallic shaped spaceship turns and points towards the Earth. Suddenly the naked George is beamed aboard the spaceship.

On board the spaceship George has sex with two aliens which results in him being turned into a love drone. He is then beamed back to his bathroom. He comes out of the bathroom and speaks to his wife. She doesn’t seem to notice that he walks and talks like a robot. They have sex and George’s girlfriend also becomes a love drone.
On board the spaceship

The next day George, walking like a robot through the streets in his safari suite, goes to a sexual research laboratory and volunteers to take part in the research. In the laboratory he has sex with another volunteer and this also turns her into love drone. An alien voice announces that the aliens spread through sexual energy and will take over the world.
The two scientists act shocked

The two female scientists in the laboratory witness the girl being turned into a love drone which briefly involves George turning into a glowing white alien before he transforms the girl. One of the scientists calls her superior on the telephone to report the incident.

Meanwhile, George’s girlfriend is posing for a glamour photographer and they end up having sex. He too becomes a love drone.
Two aliens on board the spaceship

 On board the spaceship two aliens have sex. Their lovemaking becomes more intense as the sexual energy is siphoned from the Earth.

Next we see a James Bond secret agent arrive at an apartment block where he bumps into an old female friend. In next to no time, they are having sex which results in the secret agent becoming a love drone.

At the headquarters of the FBI they decide to send a female agent, Agent Rona (Jennifer Jordan, who is also on the credits for the sound), to investigate instead. She arrives at a club house where all the members are sitting around playing chess. The club leader turns out to be a love drone, so she escapes, but doesn’t get far when she finds the keys to her car have been taken. A biker offers to help her escape, so she jumps onto the back of his bike. Instead of taking her away, he takes her back to the club where she is held down on a glass table by the club members and the club leader proceeds to have sex with her. This scene with the love drones attacking her is very much like something from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. She has also now become a love drone.
The club leader temporarily transforms into an alien

The scientist tells her assistant that she has a plan to save the world which involves going out and picking-up a guy with the hope that he will be a love drone. At the moment he orgasms and momentarily turns into a glowing aliens, she will inject him with a syringe containing enough venereal disease to 'infect most of China'.

Her first attempt involves picking-up a rather camp over-weight guy, but this attempt fails because he doesn't turn into an alien when he orgasms - he's just a normal guy which leaves the scientist feeling humiliated.

In the meantime, George is beamed back onto the spaceship where the Queen of the Love Drones appears. If this film wasn’t already weird enough, it gets really weird with the Queen being a black actress who has shaved her head bald and who's naked body is completely covered in white makeup with two gold metal caps over her breasts.
Queen of the Love Drones

She begins to have sex with George. There is something very surreal with the imagery for this scene as she straddles George which the two naked aliens assisting her.

Back on the Earth more and more people are turning into love drones. The scientist returns to her laboratory and she too has now become a love drone. It is up to her assistant to save the Earth.
The scientist is about to save the Earth with what she believes is a love drone

This film is great with the dialogue being hilarious. It is so weird, and even with its obviously low budget, it is imaginatively done. There are moments during the film which are quite stylish, especially the scenes with the two aliens making love on the spaceship. There is something very “disco” about these scenes, even though no disco music is heard. Instead they are accompanied by some really great ambient music. Actually all the music in this film is really good and comprises of an odd assortment of styles ranging from 60’s James Bond style surf music, to some psychedelia, to moog, to sensual ambient.
Bree Anthony as an alien

Music buffs may be interested to know that the mellow music played during the alien couple sex scenes on the spaceship is taken from a 1972 library music album by Stringtronics called Mindbender and the track is called Dawn Mists. It also appears on the compilation Barry 7's Connectors.

If you like your porn from its Golden Age during the 70's, then you'll love Invasion of the Love Drones. It's so bizarre and will have you laughing.

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