Love is a Four-Letter Word (1964)

Jerry fantasizes
Genre: 60’s Grindhouse Sexploitaion Sleaze

From his girlfriend’s apartment window, Jerry (Forman Shane), a university student, watches the lesbian antics of her next door neighbours.

Meanwhile we see Jerry’s frigid girlfriend undress in the bathroom and take a shower.

Jerry becomes more sexually frustrated with her neighbours' antics and his girlfriend’s standoffishness towards sex – she is more interested in where they go out to eat or doing her math homework – that Jerry starts to loose his mind.

Angry with his girlfriend, Jerry storms out of his apartment and heads downtown to the red-light district and the comfort of a peep show.

A girl dances the watusi
The next day while listening to a lecture in class about sexual deviants, his mind begins to wander to a ménage de troi as he looks at the legs of his pretty female classmates.

At a party a girl stands on a table and breaks into the watusai to some great instrumental music that would satisfy any Cramps fan. She then proceeds to strip. Meanwhile, Jerry fantasizes he’s alone with the girl as they hug and kiss. Suddenly we cut back to the party where Jerry has been unknowingly trying to accost the dancing girl to everyone’s amusement. Jerry straightens up and realizes what he’s done and in shame runs from the party.

Two Mexican hookers perform
Next, Jerry and his three male friends are south of the border in Tijuana where they watch two scary looking Hispanic prostitutes dance for them to some more great music before indulging in more lesbianism. Jerry becomes repulsed and has to leave.

At the psychiatrists, Jerry is diagnosed with nervous exhaustion and is prescribed some pills.

That evening while watching a stag film alone at home, Jerry runs out into the night leaving the projector still running. His next stop is a girl’s sorority home where an initiation ritual is taking place. Peering through the window, Jerry watches as four girls in their underwear tie-up two initiates and rip-off their robes. Then the girls proceed to spank the two girls with paddles. These girls would have been very popular in the Omega House in National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) where paddle spanking was also used as an initiation right.
College initiation ritual

An impotent encounter with a Chinese prostitute, more lesbianism from his girlfriend’s neighbours and an attempted rape of his girlfriend finally pushes Jerry over the edge and into psychotic delirium. Will there be a happy ending for Jerry?

Directed by exploitation director Lee Frost (LOVE CAMP 7, CHAIN GANG WOMEN, POLICEWOMEN) and written by fellow exploitation impresario, Bob Cresse. This is a good slice of 60’s sexploitation sleaze with some good looking girls mixed in with a few who wouldn’t look out of place in a John Waters movie. As mentioned earlier, some of the music was great, the rest is a mixture of light jazz and samba.

With a running time of 61 minutes, this movie doesn’t begin to drag and is better than average for anyone wanting to degrade themselves in some 60’s sleaze.

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