Sexy Battle Girls (1986)

Genre: Crazy Japanese Schoolgirl Sexploitation/Pinku eiga

Mirai (Kyôko Hashimoto), who is a young school girl, takes off her chastity belt and has sex for the first time with her boyfriend. Suddenly at the moment her boyfriend climaxes there’s the loud crushing sound as his manhood is crushed by her virgina. Cue titles.

As punishment for removing her chastity belt, Mirai's father sends her to a new school where she is soon bullied by another girl who proceeds to throw pens at her like darts.

Meanwhile, the school principal’s daughter is helping her father (Yukijirô Hotaru) to force her fellow school mates into participating in a sex ring for politicians. As a side note, this same principal, who continually has a yellow budgie perched on his shoulder, has been responsible for Mirai’s mother’s death. I must admit, the plot gets a little confused there.

The girl who has been bullying Mirai soon becomes a victim of the politician’s sex ring, so she and Mirai forget their differences and team up together.
The school principal

The time comes for Mirai’s father to remove his daughter’s chastity belt, to which she says with relief:

“Now I can feel fresh air on my pussy”

Her father then explains the reason for the chastity belt. It was to protect her secret weapon – her virgina. With her virgina she can over-power men with the “Venus Crush”, which is what happened unexpectedly to her boyfriend.
The chastity belt

Mirai also has a second secret weapon which is a small flying ball on a piece of string which is a bit like a yo-yo. When she throws the ball, it inserts itself into her foes virgina where a small dick then protrudes out from the ball. This results in the other girl getting so much pleasure that she can’t fight on.

With these weapons and her new friend, the bully, Mirai takes revenge.
Mirai with her small flying yo-yo ball

This movie is great fun. Like other Japanese pinku movies, the running time is only an hour, but you’re guaranteed the usual subject matter the Japanese seem to love so much - schoolgirl outfits, sex scenes with naked girls in white socks, men probing there fingers into girl's nether regions through their white underwear and a certain amount of humiliation.

The girls are all cute, especially Kyôko Hashimoto who has made a few other movies, notably the Evil Dead Trap (1988). Yukijirô Hotaru is great as the demented school principal and has quite an established acting career. Directed by Mototsugu Watanabe, who is also responsible for the Sexy S.W.A.T. Team series.

The budget is mega-cheap, with the school only consisting of three students, but don’t let that put you off. This is very much like a live action Japanese anime cartoon. Its great fun and completely crazy.

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